Special operations is defined as: Operations requiring unique modes of employment, tactical techniques, equipment and training often conducted in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive environments and characterized by one or more of the following: time sensitive, clandestine, low visibility, conducted with and/or through indigenous forces, requiring regional expertise, and/or a high degree of risk.

Polish JW Komandosów

The Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosów, commonly called JWK and formerly known as 1 Pułk Specjalny Komandosów (1 PSK), is one of six special forces units currently operating within Poland's Centrum Operacji Specjalnych - Dowództwo Komponentu Wojsk Specjalnych (COS - DKWS, en. Special Operations Center - Special Forces Component Command).

JWK was formed in 1961 and is the oldest Polish special operations unit. The unit is located in Lubliniec, Poland. The Regiment has carried out the majority of special operations that resulted in the gathering of the actual Polish Intelligence. In the early years of the Global War on Terrorism, The Regiment carried out Special Operations alongside US Navy SEALs from the Naval Special Warfare Development Group also known as SEAL Team Six.


The unit was established in 1961 under the name 26 Batalion Dywersyjno – Rozpoznawczy (en. 26th Sabotage-Reconnaissance Battalion), prior to being changed to 1 Samodzielny Batalion Szturmowy (en. 1st Detached…

South African Selous Scouts

The Selous Scouts was a special forces regiment of the Rhodesian Army that operated from 1973 until the reconstitution of the country as Zimbabwe in 1980. Named after the British explorer Frederick Courteney Selous (1851–1917), its motto was pamwe chete—a Shona phrase meaning "all together", "together only" or "forward together".
The charter of the Selous Scouts directed them to "the clandestine elimination of terrorists/terrorism both within and without the country."

Historical context

The period during which the Selous Scouts were most active was during the Rhodesian Bush War (or Second Chimurenga). This was a war of decolonization through terrorism and insurgency waged by black guerrillas (Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA)/Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) and Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA)/Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU)) with the goal of ending white minority rule in Rhodesia, a nation led b…

Canadian Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2)

Activated: April, 1993 following the hand-over of counter-terrorist duties from Royal Canadian Mounted Police to the Canadian Armed Forces.

Headquarters: Dwyer Hill Training Centre, Ottawa. It is believed to include a CQB (close-quarter battle) facility, an 8-story building for hostage-rescure, a DC-10, a bus, a multi-million dollar shooting range, gymnasium, and olympic-sized swimming pool.

Budget: Start up costs were believed to be around $20 million. Reports recently indicate that JTF2's budget is now approximately $40 million annually. However, actual figures remain classified. In the 2001 budget, JTF2 was provided with an additional $119 million (between then and fiscal year 2006-07) to enhance the group's capacity in the wake of the attacks on the U.S. on September 11, 2001.

Team Composition: the actual size of JTF2 remains classified. However, it is believed the unit is 250 operators strong. JTF2 is commanded by a Lieutenant-Colonel and members are selected from volunteer…

U.S. Navy SEALs

The United States Navy Sea, Air and Land Forces, commonly known as the US Navy SEALs, are the Special Operations Forces of the U.S. Navy, employed in direct action and special reconnaissance operations. SEALs are also capable of employing unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, and counter-terrorism missions.


The US Navy Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) were a precursor to the current United States Navy SEALs. Under-Water Demolition Teams began training in June 1943, one year before the invasion of Normandy. In World War II, UDT saw action at Normandy and at various locations in the South Pacific. The UDT refined and developed their commando tactics during the Korean War, with their efforts initially focused on demolitions and mine disposal.

President John F. Kennedy, aware of the situations in Southeast Asia, recognized the need for unconventional warfare and utilized Special Operations as a measure against guerrilla activity. In a speech to Congress in May 1961, K…

British Special Air Service (SAS)

The Special Air Service (SAS) was created by David Stirling in 1941. Conceived as a desert raiding force, the Regiment inserted behind German lines in Northern Africa, carrying out sabotage missions and wreaking havoc along Rommel's supply lines.The British Army's special forces unit, the 22nd Special Air Service regiment. Roles include Counter-Terrorism and reconnaissance. The SAS is one of the most renowned and respected special forces organizations in the world.Selection Phase 1 - EnduranceThe first phase of selection is known as the endurance or 'the hills' stage. This is the endurance portion of selection and not only tests a candidate's physical fitness, but also their mental stamina. To pass this phase, a high level of determination and self-reliance is vital.SAS Related BooksThe hills stage lasts 3 weeks and takes place in the Brecon Beacons and Black Hills of South Wales. Candidates have to carry an ever-increasingly-heavy bergen over a series of long time…

USAF Special Tactics Squadron (STS)

Operating with Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and Rangers, Special Tactics personnel are specially trained to seize enemy airfields and recover distressed personnel in hostile territory.

The Air Force's Special Tactics teams consist of airmen from three different career fields: Combat Controllers, Pararescuemen, and Special Operations Weathermen. Each of these special operations career fields requires specialized intensive training. Click on the following links to get the details the training for each of these elite career fields.Special Tactics is the U.S. Air Force's Special Operations ground combat force that executes a myriad of Special Operations missions to enhance air operations deep in enemy territory.

Operating with Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, and Rangers, Special Tactics personnel are specially trained to seize enemy airfields and recover distressed personnel in hostile territory.

As a member of a Special Tactics team, getting to work can be an adventure. For …