Special operations is defined as: Operations requiring unique modes of employment, tactical techniques, equipment and training often conducted in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive environments and characterized by one or more of the following: time sensitive, clandestine, low visibility, conducted with and/or through indigenous forces, requiring regional expertise, and/or a high degree of risk.

Polish JW Komandosów

The Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosów, commonly called JWK and formerly known as 1 Pułk Specjalny Komandosów (1 PSK), is one of six special forces units currently operating within Poland's Centrum Operacji Specjalnych - Dowództwo Komponentu Wojsk Specjalnych (COS - DKWS, en. Special Operations Center - Special Forces Component Command).

JWK was formed in 1961 and is the oldest Polish special operations unit. The unit is located in Lubliniec, Poland. The Regiment has carried out the majority of special operations that resulted in the gathering of the actual Polish Intelligence. In the early years of the Global War on Terrorism, The Regiment carried out Special Operations alongside US Navy SEALs from the Naval Special Warfare Development Group also known as SEAL Team Six.


The unit was established in 1961 under the name 26 Batalion Dywersyjno – Rozpoznawczy (en. 26th Sabotage-Reconnaissance Battalion), prior to being changed to 1 Samodzielny Batalion Szturmowy (en. 1st Detached…